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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do you put in a tower? 

I found this  link that shows a HAM guy installing a tower that will describe everything. link

  • Do I need a license?
If you are deploying in USA, no you do not need a license to operate your WISP

  • Is it good to do P2P over wireless?
NO. peep to peer besides being active in illegal content, is sharing your computers resources to the world and is not recommended.

  • What all will I need besides one of your 'kits' ?
110 power (10 Amp service) , and Internet Broadband of some type, with of course legal rights to broadcast. Some providers are extremely picky and will revoke your service rights for transmitting, but with the huge recent free wifi push , things are changing fast. check locally always first.

  • is it green ?
Yes and has been many years before low power systems were thought of for commercial usage.

  • How expensive is broadband ?
Most city areas have multiple sources . We recommend commercial grade service, which starts at $100-200 a month USD.

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