Total Access

Our Story

"Total Access" was conceived like most companies as a development firm, creating internet access. As the technology grew, so did Total Access options and grew both in physical size and network capacity. As the network grew so did our competition all around us. Total Access rescued several local Internet providers over the last decades converting hundreds upon thousands to its online pathways.

On or about October 11th, 2005, the power in Elgin TX fried 20K in gear, and fried our billing platform server. When applying for compensation for replacement and rebuild, we were told that the electric company in the USA was protected by tariffs from gear replacement or data loss in any way. We challenged the answer , but was brushed aside as a small claim.

As one would say, one thing led to another and the local economy was failing as wall, all contributed. The company was forced to either file bankruptcy or sell off assets to pay off debt giving it clear sails, with promises of hardware replacements in every city and network growth, both which we felt our clients deserved and needed.

The "banking group" wined, dined and assumulated us. They promissed employment for our staff, and upgraded services to our clients.

We were deceived. No upgrades, no nothing. Was refused gear , installers, and knew the worse was near. Was taken to county court, and railroaded. Seems a political war was brewing in the very court room i was trying to seek the courts protection between our lawyer and the judge, both running for her position on the bench. Our pleads where never heard. Like most we just hanged on for the ride, and was eventually pushed out into the street, where we saw our company raped and pilgrim-aged by the local government, and local community that we saved millions of dollars with.

We invested millions in the local rural Texas economy pushing hundreds of thousands each year into the local economy through local business and commerce. We loved buying local, even if it cost a little more.

In our ignorance, we were communicating with a local fireman friend , asking if their 800 MHz gear was reaching towards Coupland and Manor Texas. We offered access where my gear was, we would make room for their gear on my space on the tower leases we had with the city. By the time we had walked back to my office (across the street) we got a disturbing call from the (now removed) city manager , on my conversation, in which he was not present. We defended our conversation , but noticed the new city manager for Elgin , was not in agreement with us, and had in fact violated our contracts and solicitation other vendors for our water tower contracts.

We don't know what spurred the radical changes, but Elgin went from the most wireless, to the darkest town in Texas, within months. Seems Elgin was not needed, once our (485 foot) tower lease contracts were taken over. We wonder if they ever intended to upgrade anything since the group we partnered with have all been disbanded, and are not allowed to speak (gag orders) about this.

This notice bears true witness of the horrible acts against me, my company and my friends.

Update: Upon communication with an ex TAN client, they were billed for two months of service, without any acknowledgment or acceptance. Seems our buyer also broke into billing system hosted off-site ( will file federal investigation next week on) and billed every client. Ones who did not pay where harassed, then they attached such debt against them they credit reports.

How horrible. I truly apologize for this inhumane treatment and ask for your focus as we will be filing a class action suit against the buyer under fraudulent terms, and conditions. We have hired new lawyers and will be filing lawsuits in federal courts.


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