Have you ever thought of building your own business? Wireless is a booming enterprise, and our kits allow you to build your wireless system today , and start developing a month residual revenue, that comes in month after month. As we grow so does your network, and resources.

Expansion is easy. With the US government giving out Billions to develop rural America, this is your chance to get your business and start living the real American dream. With your WISP, you can provide wireless services to Fire & Rescue, Police, Residential and Commercial clients alike.  Think about what your giving to your community and the return on both your small investment and the business you will be creating.

We develop, design , configure every system before shipping our systems. There is a huge difference in many ways. Most assemble places are NOT WISP's and do not manage wireless assets in real time. They only sell you gear, software and training from a manufactures perspective. We on the other hand work from a Wireless ISP perspective. We have deployed over 600 Internet systems world wide in the last several years , with these simple and easy to use 'kits' .

Now is the time to invest in yourself, and your community. Be your own Wireless ISP

T.J. Green